Because both go hand in hand and are interdependent!

Underwater their is no room for approximation; that's why we use only new and periodically checked material. For sure we provide the best equipement in town:


-SHERWOOD regulators with PSI or BAR manometers

-A large range of mask; CRESSI; AQUATEK; SNIPER we will find a mask which fits you.

-We use to dive with long 3mm wetsuit; we 

For those who bring their own equipement our aluminium tanks have international valve; we have some DIN adapter; and soon we will  offer tanks mounted with SCUBAPRO DIN valve.

When arriving in SANTA CATALINA and walk to find your dive center don't forget to ask if you can have a look; we are proud of our equipement. For sure you will come back to us; probably because you feel more safe and because you know diving accidents occure mainly by human mistake or bad condition material.

Onboard we always bring ; yearly serviced oxygen tank; GPS; marin radio; first aid kit; spare regulator; fins; mask... and much more drinkable water than what we need.

At DIVING COIBA we are proud of our equipement; that's why we prepare your kit with you the day before the dive; NO BAD SURPRISES when you reach COIBA and discover the regulator kit you are supposed to use looks more like Jacques COUSTEAU than it should!


Because there is no waste recycling system in Catalina; we therefore have to pay more attention than usual to our use of plastic. For this we give free access to our spring water "fountain"  for our customers. They can when they wish; fill their water bottle.

For the same reason we'll ask you to come here with real solid soap; not with a shoxer gel plastic bottle (or even better to buy it in panama); you'll save waste; weight and money.

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